My Story

I believe the destination of yoga-in-practice is a purposeful journey towards compassionate self-care, and the gift of life in action! Teaching yoga along side the foundational union of mind-body-spirit, encouraging the student to listen to their body, braving the courage to invest in oneself - you will encounter this with His House Yoga programs and classes. An experience of union here follows a flowing state of marrying breath to action - yoking to the strength, restoration and freedom of your greatest self!

Come as you are, together we connect in practice - it’s not called perfection! 

God brought me into His House, as the raising of teenage children put the yoga mat of prayer-in-motion beneath my heart. Originally drawn to Restorative Yoga while completing my BA in Leadership, my practice grew to include multiple yoga modalities, breath awareness, and a desire to reach out into community with my experiences. Launching from the platform of serving the most vulnerable population - homeless women and children - I became a 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher.

Leaning in to the recurring question:

“How can yoga be of healing mercy and grounding stability to all regardless of socio-economic status?” 

Leading up

Is this the story I’m called to tell?”. 

Leadership in BOGO-Yoga 

The BOGO business model of up-serving your yoga practice in community starts with you loving yourself. Yoga is a gift we give ourselves for healing, movement, stillness, vision and compassion. What if as you came to your mat - the foundation of rooting in - with each new breath of life - you not only served to awaken your own heart, but you leaned more deeply than ever before into serving and empowering that very fabric so desired for yourselves and created a thread that equally gives this opportunity to another - welcome BOGO-Yoga (BuY OnE GeT OnE). . . .  

Inhale what your soul calls you to know and experience all of who you are 

Exhale the connecting promise to healing humanity one asana at a time. 

For every class series & workshop purchased through our programs, an equal opportunity will be extended through an application process to a community member ready to brave the choice of yoga healing and self awareness. 

We will soon be sharing a culminating project of BOGO-Yoga in action; bringing unique partnerships of Teacher Training alongside the platform of community collaborative yoga industry employment. My heart has been profoundly impacted, and deeply humbled by the experience of working with women doing the real work of rooting-in-and-rising-up through the challenge and tragedy, triumphs and truths of lives in transition. My story of HOPE has been a transformation encountered through the lives of others and has become my calling to provide this union called yoga as a guide and rehabilitation into the depths of the human experience. I carry this journey into all my classes, programs, and His House Yoga Retreats: the practitioner experiences an inner tour into the ancient wisdoms of asana, the pause at the top of the breath, and wholeness in our perfect broken pieces of shared days and interwoven lives.  

You are invited to: 

  • LOVE your story 
  • Be empowered in the present 
  • Embrace the change that meets you at your foundation 
  • Take the time to find your inner strength and the courage of new alignment
  • Lean in and lead up to the reach of your own truth; empowered by the light of your purpose. 

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. 

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure”. 

Training, Certifications & Service  

  • Embody Love Movement Facilitator (Feb 2017 TT)
  • Agape House & Lydia Place: Transitional Housing Yoga Instructor: 
  • Lighthouse Mission Ministries: Board Member Secretary 
  • Collide Women's Ministry: Team Care 
  • Yoga Faith: 200hr RYT 
  • Clubbell Yoga: Teacher Training Certification 
  • Yoga Behind Bars: Teacher Training Certificate 
  • PSUPA: Certified Instructor 
  • BA Leadership: Trinity Western University 

Come as you are. You are welcome here.