I caution you to BRAVE 

Upon the grounded space of 6' by 2' I would caution you to BRAVE and rise your greatest self! That's what the 'Rock Star' women do, the name I openly give to those doing the hardest work - the work of lives in transition, in a shared home of women and children piecing together new visions for wholeness and family. We know the Rock Stars of our music eras,

but let me introduce you to the Rock Stars that BRAVE their yoga mats, here's our shared story. 

I showed up to pay forward the privilege extended to me of yoga training and community mentorship, I thought I would become a yoga instructor and be giving back to society! I was in pursuit of an opportunity to forge ahead with the requirements upon me of non-profit volunteering, confidentiality paperwork, background checks and a promissory of conduct so that I could to write yoga programs and classes to be present and intentional at 'healing' this underserved population with movement through yoga.

What I discovered, what I was given, was beyond all gifts! 

The depth of humility and grace for these women that filtered into every fiber of the organizational culture was just the beginning. I was eventually entrusted with an invite to show up in their home baring a playlist, yoga mats and blocks. I watched the orchestra of self-care and life in action unfold, align, breath and rise before me. 

Follow me dear reader if you will,

“Inhale through your nose for four, hold at the top of your breath for four, and exhale through your nose for four”.

Ask yourself as difference makers: what encourages a women with nothing left, no job, broken relationships, children living in the foster care system, and addictions she is wanting to heal - what cautions her to BRAVE? Her wholeness, her perfect value, her desperate fear to take one step towards a new strength in body mind and spirit. She has chosen to believe, perhaps for the first time, she is worth it! All of everything she ever was BRAVES the sanctuary of the yoga mat below her earthen rooted feet and she rises to greet the gift she is unknowingly giving her instructor - she becomes the teacher of tangible, touchable, known HOPE. 

With what impossibilities are you challenged? You are needed, your community is waiting for the courage you most fear. Your enterprise of greatness is that you are here - I caution you, the Rock Stars of life in action caution you to BRAVE! 

Workshop Includes: 

Day 1

  • The Art of Battling Giants 
  • Putting on the Armor of David 
    • 5 Smooth Stones 
  • 4 Asana Practices & Shavasana 
    • Awakening 
    • Root 
    • Core 
    • Rise
    • Restorative Shavasana 
  • The Assumption of Power in Practice and Service
    • David and Goliath - Malcolm Gladwell 
    • Holy Bible 
    • Jesus Calling - Sarah Young 

Day 2

Mediation Practice & Gentle Flow

  • The Stones of Chimayo
    • The Book of Awakening - Mark Nepo 
    • Holy Bible
  • The Journey Home - A new BRAVE friend