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Little Garden Studio - Opening Summer 2017

Rise & Shine Yoga Series

Morning wake up classes are here to energize the body with root-to-rise poses; includes an engaging Flow Vinyasa warming sequence of seated to standing poses, and a meditative relaxation to calm and prepare the mind at close.

Detox Yoga Series

Evening classes are designed to rinse off the day, unwind the muscles and release stresses and stored tensions. As the body reconnects to a new decompensation a nourishing deep practice with spinal rotations, hip care and spinal recovery transpires. 

Foundations of Yoga Series 

In this classes the practitioner is establishing safe alignment in postures while connecting breath with movement, and movement with increased mobility.  Each class adds new modifications for inner strength work and core stability through progressive sequences over a series of weeks. 

Yin Yoga

This style of yoga offers a passivity that uses gravity to allow the practitioner to descend more deeply into their practice.  Slowly over seated and laying postures that the practitioner holds for 1-10 minutes a release of the connective tissue around ligaments, bones and joints brings new activity and rejuvenation to the body. 

*** (HHY) - Each series has one His House Yoga signature classes offered per week.  This class will be noted as a worship based movement experience, allowing intentionality in the poses to lean into scripture with deep restoration and prayerful contemplation through out the practice.

Summer Pop-Up Sessions in Whatcom County.

No script, no plan, come as you are and be present to what the day has in store: 

  • Clayton Beach

  • Meadowbrook Court Trail Head

  • Northshore Trail

  • Larabee Park Boat Launch 

  • Samish Park 

  • Broadway Park




Hillcrest Chapel - Bellingham

Mondays 7:15-8:30p

Meet us in the church Community Room